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Jacob Augustine East Coast Tour

We’re big fans of Jacob Augustine and his unforgettable voice and songwriting around here, so this is a friendly reminder to catch him on the road over the next couple of weeks. He hits the road tonight with his band, traveling South all the way to Tennessee before making his way back up to Vermont for Waking Windows. Check out all of his albums on Bandcamp (where you can order one-of-a-kind hand-painted cds of any of them) and head out to a show!


Just for fun, here’s that single shot video we made with Jacob at Mayo Street a few years back. We still love this performance.

Jacob Augustine April 2015 Tour:
4/22 – New Haven, CT – Cafe Nine​ w/ Tall Tall Trees​ & Eurisko
4/23 – Brooklyn, NY – The Rock Shop​ w/ Field Guides​ & Frog
4/24 – Philadelphia, PA – Montrose Fun Zone w/ Evan Cory Levine​
4/25 – Allentown, PA – Allentown Brew Works​ w/ Brother JT​ & Golden Specter​
4/26 – Washington, DC – Mousai House w/ Veve & Tha Rebels​
4/27- Asheville, NC – The Mothlight​  w/ Daniel Shearin Music​ & Matt Townsend and The Wonder of the World​
4/28 – Knoxville, TN – WDVX Blue Plate Special​ w/ Low Cut Connie​ (at 12pm)
4/28 – Gatlinburg, TN – Sugarland Distilling
4/29 – Brevard, NC – 185 King Street​
4/30 – off day – contact us if you’ve got any ideas!
5/1 – Abingdon, VA – Wolf Hills Brewing​
5/2 – Charlottesville, VA – The Garage w/ The Sun Flights​
5/3 – Winooski, VT – Waking Windows​ (4:45pm at Birdfolk)

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