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Leveret kick-off East Coast tour this Saturday at Bayside Bowl

While they’ve been busy record shopping with local music blogs; releasing one hell of an album with Action At A Distance and playing local music showcases; Portland’s Leveret have also been plotting a seven-stop East Coast tour that starts at your favorite bar-and-bowling combo spot in Portland, and wraps-up at what is apparently the funkiest (and likely only) Funky Jungle in Providence, Rhode Island.

While it’s the first tour Leveret and Gertz in general have gone on — the quartet have been playing all over Portland, perfecting their live show experience. From SPACE to One Longfellow Square, there have been few venues the band have yet to take the stage of.

“People can expect a lot a fun at a Leveret show,” said Jesse Gertz of Leveret. “High energy and excitement. It’s gonna be an engaging time.”

While currently it’s a seven-stop tour, the second show has yet to be announced but Gertz didn’t shy away from the possibility of possibly even doing an encore of the memorable late night Secret Moon show, like he did with his previous electronic project Glass Fingers.

“The TBA show is just that we haven’t been able to confirm the show with the place,” said Gertz. “It’s probably not happening. I may just do a secret moon show. Why not?”

Saturday night’s show at Bayside Bowl will feature Baroses (a Wesley Allen Hartley project — so you’ll know it will be good), and the Garage Rock stomp of HillyTown favorites: S.S. Cretins. 

The rest of the East Coast tour dates are as followed:

– May 4: TBA

– May 5: Boston, Massachusetts | Whitehaus

– May 6: Brooklyn, New York | Palisades

– May 7: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Kung-Fu Necktime

– May 8: New York, New York | The Bowery Electric (upstairs)

– May 9: Providence, Rhode Island | The Funky Jungle

“We’ve been working on a ‘The Wave’ variation that can’t be missed,” added Gertz. “In addition some cool ‘Call and Response’ stuff. Yeah — it’ll be cool.”

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