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DIRIGIMUSFEST IV – Bayside Bowl – 07/11/15

Crushed Out – Bayside Bowl – 05/08/15

Leveret kick-off East Coast tour this Saturday at Bayside Bowl

While they’ve been busy record shopping with local music blogs; releasing one hell of an album with Action At A Distance and playing local music showcases; Portland’s Leveret have also been plotting a seven-stop East Coast tour that starts at your favorite bar-and-bowling combo spot in Portland, and wraps-up at what is apparently the […]

El Grande / The Outsiders / The Pubcrawlers – Bayside Bowl – 03/13/15

Grime benefit: Nuclearbootz / Mome – Bayside Bowl – 03/07/15

Superorder / Old etc. / Rick Rude / New Legs – Bayside Bowl – 02/28/15

if and it / Adelyn Rose / Bath Salts – Bayside Bowl – 10/11/12

Magnetic Island – Bayside Bowl – 07/03/12

Bath Salts / Nuclear Boots / the Outfits – Bayside Bowl – 05/12/12

Black Taxi

The Rattlesnakes / Coalsack in Crux / Anti-Septic

Theodore Treehouse / Class Machine / When Particles Collide

Matt Meyer And Gumption Junction / The Barn Swallows

An Evening With

Phantom Buffalo / The Watchmen