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Nateva Festival Announces Flaming Lips

This 4th Of July weekend will bring a new festival to Maine. the Nateva Music & Camping Festival will take place in Oxford, Maine on July 2,3,and 4th. The event, sponsored by Port City Music Hall, has tickets on sale now, but what exactly do you get for your (currently lowest price) $159? Only one band has been announced so far, but it’s a big one, and probably enough of a draw to get things off to a strong start: The Flaming Lips. Hey, it got my attention! The festival is described as heralding “world class artists in the true Jam Band tradition – as well as a sweet mix of Country, Folk, Reggae, Classic Rock and Indie Artists too,” so it’s interesting that the first band announced happens to come from the last category thrown in there (though the Lips certainly have a certain jam/hippie sensibility that gives plenty of room for crossover). Join their email list to find out which other acts will be joining the lineup.

8 comments to Nateva Festival Announces Flaming Lips

  • I really can’t wait to see some of the Embryonic songs performed live.

  • Tom

    hadnt heard of this until PCMH mentioned it yesterday, so i googled it, saw flaming lips and oxford and thought “hmmmmm, interesting!”, but then looked at the official site and saw JAM BANDS. buzzkill. though i too find it interesting that the first band announced is more jam band friendly than actual jam band. im half expecting there to be enough non-jam bands i like to annoy me about not going.

  • next band announced today = Derek Trucks/Susan Tedeschi’s new project.

  • asok

    heard the dead will probably play, possibly ray lamontagne too…

  • rob

    You need to pull from all genres to get 15k New Englanders to come to Oxford, ME. I think it is pretty cool that they are working on a diverse line up of indie, reggae, jam, blues, and rock.

  • Silas

    I’m hoping they bring out local favorite, Blue Bus!!!

  • Sneek Peek

    Somebody had a post on their Facebook wall where they suggested the fact that the String Cheese Incident was reuniting for the summer. That post was deleted by Nateva shortly thereafter. Did they not want their surprise ruined??

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