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OK Go Photos + The Sounds Announce Portland Show

I skipped the (reportedly incredible) Lady Lamb The Beekeeper / Sister Suvi show at SPACE on Friday to check out America’s favorite treadmill enthusiasts, OK Go, at the Port City Music Hall. It was one of the smaller venues I’ve seen them in (well, aside from that backyard in Austin 3 years ago, but that doesn’t count) but that didn’t make them tone down the huge rock show antics. Mic-mounted cameras, confetti guns, and gigantic chimes (plus one song played entirely on hand bells) made for a pretty interesting rock show to be crammed onto a Portland-sized stage. Check out my photos of OK Go and openers Longwave here.

Now this is exactly what I like to see – Sweden’s The Sounds have just announced a show at the Port City Music Hall. Get tickets soon, I have a feeling that will be a good one.

Also, I’ve relaunched my personal/music blog, Subinev. I’ll be posting non-Portland bits there, starting this week with South By Southwest!

7 comments to OK Go Photos + The Sounds Announce Portland Show

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  • Gah! Rachel and I thought we saw you there, but I didn’t get a chance to stop you and say “hi” (and I forgot to ask aross if you’d be around).

  • of course I was there! I can’t believe you were in Portland and didn’t say hi! SBR Family fail.

  • Oh, man! I’m very sad now. We could’ve used your help, too – Steve (Longwave), Rachel and I stood around for an hour afterward saying, “Let’s go drinking! Do you know anywhere?” “No. Do you know anywhere?” “No.”

  • that’s especially funny, considering that there was supposedly going to be an “official Longwave afterparty” at the White Heart, which is just down the block. That’s where we went.

  • Yeah, we saw that online, and then I couldn’t understand why we just stood around for an hour while Steve fiddled with my camera. Nice of them to show up for their own party.

  • […] has been announced and it’s definitely off to a strong start! This year you can expect to see OK Go, Biz Markie, Free Energy, The Gay Blades (thankfully returning after melting faces last year), Bad […]

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