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Photo Recap: HillyTown at Dirigimus [4.27.12]

Sure, this was almost three months ago, but that sounds like a good time to reminisce a bit. On Friday, April 27, we took over the great Dirigimus warehouse space in Portland for a massive party featuring What Cheer? Brigade, Callers, the Milkman’s Union, and the Nogar Family Band. It was a fun, surreal evening, and we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. Tonight at that same space there are two shows, one of which should be getting underway any minute now. Gregg Gin (of Black Flag) & the Royal We are joined by NYC’s Cinema Cinema (who played one of the first ever HillyTown Presents shows at Geno’s back in 2008!) for the show which was set to kick off at 5pm. Hurry up over there! Immediately following this loud rockin’ show is a bit of a more downtempo affair, as if and it celebrate the release of their excellent new record, Bleeding Moon with the help of Wesley Allen Hartley & the Traveling Trees and Aleric Nez at 8pm. Read on for our photos from the show back in April!