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Mouth Washington album release show and tour starts tomorrow night at SPACE


Maybe you’ve noticed that one our featured albums for the last week has been Don’t Mean, the newest release from the Portland Dirigimus Cooperative noise-onslaught of Zach and Max Hansen, alongside Ian Gierhan and Sam Landry — better known as the four piece Mouth Washington.

Don’t Mean is everything you’ve come to expect […]

DIRIGIMUS FAREWELL PARTY: Paige Turner / Shabti / Dead By Now / Sylvia / RSO / The Coalsack in Crux / Amanda Nobbe / Vanishing Act – Dirigimus – 10/26/12

Kayo Dot / Huak / AWAAS – Dirigimus – 07/21/12

if and it [release party] / Wesley Allen Hartley and the Traveling Trees / Aleric Nez – Dirigimus – 07/20/12

Photo Recap: HillyTown at Dirigimus [4.27.12]

Sure, this was almost three months ago, but that sounds like a good time to reminisce a bit. On Friday, April 27, we took over the great Dirigimus warehouse space in Portland for a massive party featuring What Cheer? Brigade, Callers, the Milkman’s Union, and the Nogar Family Band. It was a fun, surreal […]

Atlantean Rune / AWAAS / Vital Pain / The Coalsack in Crux / DJ Infinity Lodge – Dirigimus – 07/06/12

Atlantean Rune / AWAAS / Vital Pain / The Coalsack in Crux / DJ Infinity Lodge – Dirigimus

Dirigimus: Psychic Catalonia Fest Day 2 w/ Witch Mountain, Lord Dying – Dirigimus – 06/11/12

Dirigimus brings heavy alternative to Old Port Festival

Concert preview/interviews by Kevin Steeves.

Despite the incessant rain and overcast skies that covered Portland last week, the 39th Annual Old Port Fest is still a go, as thousands of tourists and locals flock to the Old Port District to take in the sights and sounds of six stages and the resulting frustration of […]

Warinamal / KYOTY / The Coalsack in Crux / Athabaska – [venue info in event description] – 05/19/12

Shabti / Falls of Rauros / DA / Razormaze / Ramlord – [venue info in event description] – 05/18/12

HillyTown + Dirigimus Present: What Cheer? Brigade + Callers + the Milkman\\\’s Union – [venue info in event description] – 04/27/12