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Screaming Females Returned, Resurrected Haru Bangs [2.9.11]

Screaming Females win the award for national act that could be mistaken for a Portland local band, judging by the reaction of fans at their shows. Every time they come around it’s as if there’s a sigh of relief from the punk and indie rock-loving fans who hold their breath between visits. At their gigs, you can definitely feel it (or that might just be the guy crowd-surfing and randomly punching the air) even as their music shifts as it has been, with more of their underlying groove coming out from under Marissa’s shredding guitar sound, the energy is infectious and unstoppable.

Screaming Females at Apohadion - 2/9/11

Screaming Females at Apohadion - 2/9/11

Last night at the Apohadion – a diy venue in the Bayside neighborhood of Portland – the Screamales showed us once again why this town loves the trio from NJ who the whole country is finally getting to know. The show had even more cause for celebration, as a reformulated Haru Bangs (formerly a duo, now a quartet incorporating members of Kaveldt) opened the show and set the tone for the evening. Mouth Washington, a possibly-possessed local trio with hints of Titus Andronicus-isms, played in the middle of the bill. They were new to me, but clearly not to the bunch of kids up front screaming along the lyrics to their songs.

Check out the full photo gallery from this show after the jump. Lots of fun to be seen in there.
All photos by Bryan Bruchman.

Screaming Females play Brandeis University tonight before heading down towards NYC for the big Don Giovanni Records showcase at MHOW on Saturday.

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