SXSW Music: Yuck

I’m still catching up on the photos of all the bands I saw at SXSW. Here’s another one!

Band: Yuck / Hometown: London, England
Show: Paradigm/Coda Agencies / Venue: Club Deville / Date: 3/16

One of the most talked about bands at this year’s festival, Yuck are another extremely young band (both in terms of age and existence of the band) being put to the test with extensive touring. A simple name, a straightforward noisey rock sound reminiscent of Dinosaur, Jr., a recognizable aesthetic to their album/flyer art, and to-the-point lyrics are what make them stand out. Live, there was a shy awkwardness that may have been partially brought on by the overwhelming festival experience, but I get the sense that it’s really just how this band is. If you’ve been naysaying the reemergence of 90’s guitar-based indie rock sounds, let Yuck help convince you. You can get their debut, Yuck, from Bull Moose. Read on for some music videos and interviews with the band, plus the HillyTown photos from their SXSW showcase at Club Deville!

Yuck talk hating on grandma, loving Pavement and meeting in Israel

All photos by Bryan Bruchman