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Project Jenny Project Jan (and more) Will Make You Dance. Tonight!

This show has been a long time in the making. I’d actually had them penciled in to play in Portland two years ago, but they got snatched up by Fujiya & Miyagi (who they collaborated with for “Pins And Needles“) for a world tour. Their latest album, Home Sweet Home, is a bit smoother than their freaked-out spaz dance-inducing debut, Xoxoxoxoxo and the collab-happy EP, The Colors, but still keeps things moving – this time with more live instruments and even some female vocals in the mix. As the PPH’s Aimsel Ponti pointed out – you might even recognize the band from their hilarious appearance in the movie “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist,” or their recent props on NPR. Things have finally worked out so the Brooklyn electro rap synth dance party duo (yeah, that’s right) will be hitting town tonight to headline a HillyTown Presents show full of fun, synthy goodness at Empire.

Along for the ride is Murder Mystery, another Brooklyn band dealing in the realm of synths, pop, and indie rock (quite frankly, they come off at times as a more awesome They Might Be Giants if you ask me). Apparently their song “Love Astronaut” has inspired legions of fans to create their own videos to the tune. Check out the band’s favorites here and get working on your own moves for the show tonight!

If you pay attention to the local music scene, chances are you’ve encountered the local band on this bill. Sunset Hearts have fast become a favorite among many Portlanders with a taste for original local music. They provided the lead track on the recent Free Range Fest compilation we compiled. The Portland Daily Sun’s Matt Dodge did a Q&A with the band’s mastermind, Casey McCurry, talking Heads, drippy jungle sounds, and Mexican gangsters. Read the full article here.

We hope to see you out at the show tonight. Things get started at 9pm. Cover is $7, 21 plus to get in. Read on for some videos (PJPJ make the absolute best music videos ever).

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