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Roundup, Heatin’ Up, Almost. [May 23-29]


It’s been a long week, in so many ways. Summer seemed to announce its arrival, as friends cut their pants into shorts (perhaps a pre-emptive tailoring strike, seeing as how the cold and wet weather keeps trying to weasel back in), and the Tower Of Song Festival went off without incident, though perhaps brighter skies would have brought the art-and-music lovers out in stronger numbers.

We tried to give El Rayo Taqueria a trial run, only to find that they were closing at 4pm for their first week. Weak. Guess we’ll just have to wait to see if this review holds up.

Where we failed in taco consumption, we scored with cookies. Biscuit Wakefield’s second cookie review brought us to Hilltop Coffee Shop.

Our anonymous blog-friends at The Portland Point stepped on some toes with their unfavorable review of the Honey Clouds record release show at SPACE last weekend. Their post may have been harsh, but the discussion it sparked is sort of priceless.

The Portland Pins Project is up and running and very much in need of your (artistic) contributions. We want to have as many submissions as possible turned in by Wednesday, June 3, so we can have it ready to debut at Eli-Phant on First Friday!

This weekend? Jukebox make piano pop awesome, we predict a Kurtz victory against Saindon if the battle comes to shredding, Isobell has some strong local power supporting their release show, Moneycastasia are calling it quits, and Kurtis Blow is stopping by Portland.

Bonus: just noticed The Lemonheads on the PCMH calendar for July 1! Nice.

Some input: would you like to see the header image around here change to another Portland scene? It’s been a year with the Eastern Prom, maybe it’s time to give the West End a little love through the seasons? Suggestions welcome in the comments.

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