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Friday Roundup: Outdoor shows, new Belfast festival, Poopin’ Louie and more

Apologies, y’all. I took the day off last week because of an unplanned vacation to BEING SICK IN MY BED, so we have some catching up to do in the Hilly Town Cinematic Universe. […]

Pavement At The State Theater In 2010.

Ok so maybe there aren’t (public) plans to reopen the State Theater and Pavement definitely haven’t added a Portland date to their 2010 reunion tour (so far just two NYC dates have been announced and gone on sale – though with them over a year away there’s plenty of time for more to be added), […]

What This Week Was, What’s Coming

So, who else is heading up to Bangor for KahBang! tomorrow? I’m anticipating a Portland field trip. Congrats to Christian for winning our Gay Blades-sponsored contest!

I haven’t tried it yet, but if there’s pulled pork in Monument Square, I’m there.

In band-personell-shifting-news, Dead Man’s Clothes is now down to a trio, including Ian Riley […]

First Friday Roundup, KAHBANG Ticket Contest!, OFFStage Photos


Roundup, Pins, August Concert Series Announcement [June 27-July 3]

Pull up a chair, this is gonna be a long one.

Let’s start with the big news: in celebration of this little website’s first year on the internet, I’m throwing a party. Well, a bunch of parties, actually. Let’s just call it a music series. Specifically, the HillyTown OFFStage @SPACE Concert Series.

Every Wednesday […]

Temporary Sunshine Round Up [June 20-26]

As if you didn’t know, the only thing anybody seems to care about today is the King Of Pop passing away. RIP MJ indeed.

Arootsakoostic Festival is this weekend and hosts a pretty eclectic lineup, including many of the Portland scene’s finest acts! Someone report back to us with photos! The fantastically done crowdfunded documentary […]

Roundup June 13-19

This weekend is full of fun. Mega concert updates just happened. Check the showlist and get out there!

Justin Ellis interviewed me for the first Know Your Blog interview, HillyTown edition at the Press Herald! (Which had an interesting week of its own). Portland Coffee Roasters (where we’ve enjoyed many a weekend morning serenade by […]

Portland Is A Coastal City. [June 6-12]

Before we get into it, might I share with you this late-notice bit of HillyTown housekeeping from the department of live music, or HillyTown Presents. On Saturday, June 20, we’re bringing you Strand Of Oaks, Matt Bauer, and Tin Ceilings with an evening of music at Zero Station. Details here.

Our partner-in-pinmaking, Kris, has […]

Spin Me Right Roundup [May 30-June 5]

We spent a marathon pin-making night with Kris Johnsen of Emblem Studio (and additional help from Jess from SPACE) getting ready for the debut of the Portland Pins project this weekend. Stop by Eli-Phant (253 Congress St., Portland) tonight on the First Friday Art Walk for the opening of their Unkle Thirsty exhibit and […]

Roundup, Heatin’ Up, Almost. [May 23-29]

It’s been a long week, in so many ways. Summer seemed to announce its arrival, as friends cut their pants into shorts (perhaps a pre-emptive tailoring strike, seeing as how the cold and wet weather keeps trying to weasel back in), and the Tower Of Song Festival went off without incident, though perhaps brighter […]

Tower Of Song Fest, What’s Left? Some Sorta Roundup

I tried to get photos and interviews for all 9 acts performing at tomorrow’s Tower Of Song Festival (Saturday, May 23) and definitely came close, though a couple didn’t quite get finished. Below is a photo of the band that will close out the festival, Spencer And The School Spirit Mafia, taken at the incredible […]

Roundup. Best Read With A Cookie. [May 9-15]

Did you catch the first of our new contributor Biscuit Wakefield’s chocolate chip cookie reviews? HillyTown aint just music, after all.

The Maine Comic Arts Festival is happening this Sunday, May 17! Head to the Ocean Gateway to meet some of your favorite comic artist and check out the panels and workshops they’re offering! In […]

The Sounds photo gallery (+micro Roundup)

A week ago, Swedish band The Sounds tore through Portland, treating Port City Music Hall like the biggest arena in the world. Their show may have been a bit over the top, but hey, it sure looked and sounded great!

Check out the full photo gallery from the show (which also included openers Hey […]

Roundupish, Another Soggy First Friday (April 25-May 1)

Two of the best shows I’ve seen in a while here in Portland were hip-hop shows this week. Both were also sorely under attended. Granted, they happened mid-week, but that’s no excuse. The locals (DJ Mayonnaise, Brzowski, Moshe) all brought top-notch performances, and the touring acts they were supporting were just unbelievable. As […]

Rattlin’ Roundup (April 18-24)

Update: Just heard from Dup Crosson of Saint Solitude with the bad news that his tour started off with a good show but a bad end to the night: his car window was smashed and many personal items were stolen, including clothes, cd’s, and all of the merch that he had with him to sell […]