Temporary Sunshine Round Up [June 20-26]

As if you didn’t know, the only thing anybody seems to care about today is the King Of Pop passing away. RIP MJ indeed.

  • Arootsakoostic Festival is this weekend and hosts a pretty eclectic lineup, including many of the Portland scene’s finest acts! Someone report back to us with photos!
  • The fantastically done crowdfunded documentary project, The Sunday Best, has a great feature on Galen Richmond (Computer At Sea) up now.
  • The Press Herald is apparently (mostly) free now. Interesting move. Maybe now I’ll read an issue.
  • On Thursday, Feel It Robot played their final show (though I’ve already heard about a new project on the way from some of the members that sounds promising) with the newly solo Aly Spaltro/Lady Lamb The Beekeeper. Word is it was an interesting show.
  • Tonight is the Sun Gods In Exile CD release show at SPACE, which also happens to be the debut of new local band Murciélago.
  • The Saint Lawrence is hosting their annual yard sale starting on Saturday at 10am. Get there early to score those killer finds. Keep an eye out for a Luau Lulu lamp for me, I want to make a matching set.
  • Zombie Kickball is happening this Sunday at 2pm on the Eastern Prom. Afterparty at SPACE with Covered In Bees and more. BRAINS!
  • If you’re feeling extra ambitious (and East End-centric) you could even try to squeeze in a bit of the Society Of East End Arts open studio tour around your brain-eating escapes, 10am-4pm.
  • Check out this live video of Spencer And The School Spirit Mafia doing their song “A Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing.” I got to hear their upcoming record last week and this is definitely a standout track on it, though the rest of them aren’t too bad either. I imagine the album will go over really well. We’ll find out in a few weeks!
  • Next Friday: A super special announcement from HillyTown Presents. Get ready for August.
  • Pssst. Thanks for the mention.

Check out the new Portland Pins site (it’s still making its way through the internet, but should be fully functional by the mid-afternoon). We’ve got new drop boxes around town to help you get your designs submitted. We’ll be debuting more new pins and even a new machine next Friday!