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Roundup, Pins, August Concert Series Announcement [June 27-July 3]

Pull up a chair, this is gonna be a long one.

Let’s start with the big news: in celebration of this little website’s first year on the internet, I’m throwing a party. Well, a bunch of parties, actually. Let’s just call it a music series. Specifically, the HillyTown OFFStage @SPACE Concert Series.

Every Wednesday in August, HillyTown presents a free, all ages concert at SPACE Gallery, beginning at 7pm. Bands will play on the floor, and you’ll hear new local groups, check out great touring acts, and see some of your favorites in ways you never expected. Here’s what we’ve got in the works:

8/5 – Boxy (new Portland band, first show) + Theodore Treehouse [Washington, DC] + Haru Bangs

8/12 – Panda Bandits + Dan Wholey (Earth People Orchestra) [Boston, MA] + Jesse Pilgrim

8/19 – Phantom Computers (actual name TBD) + Happy Machines [Red Bank, NJ] + Dead End Armory

8/26 – White Light + Blood Warrior [Brooklyn, NY] + Mark Summers

We’ll have posters and more fun details about this concert series in the coming weeks!

Though it’s not technically a HillyTown Presents show (I am a little uncomfortable with putting the name on shows for which I book my own band), I’m exceptionally proud of putting together Clues and Goes Cube, with Marie Stella opening at Empire on July 31. Let’s call that the unofficial kickoff of the HillyTown Year One Extravaganza of Awesome.

It was also a pleasure to get to add a listing (I did not organize the show) for my friends the Two Man Gentlemen Band to the calendar (far off though it is), as they’ll be visiting SPACE Gallery after their tour with Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, & John Mellencamp this summer. Exciting!

Hey, it’s the First Friday in July! You know what that means – Art Walk time!

  • Portland Pins is back again for round two, with a new machine dispensing wearable, one-of-a-kind local art for just $.25 at the excellent Coast City Comics/Fun Box Monster Emporium (656 Congress St., Portland) debuting tonight.
  • Tonight will be the last Tower Of Song for a while – apparently there are some changes going on at the building on the corner of Congress and High, but they hope to return before long.
  • As reported by the PHC and HFIWK, local rock show poster dude Timothy Ellis Cole has a show going up today at The White Heart. He’s done some great work for SPACE and other venues and artists around Portland.
  • What else are you looking forward to for the Art Walk tonight?

7 comments to Roundup, Pins, August Concert Series Announcement [June 27-July 3]

  • Tom

    man im psychic, i had a feeling goes cube would be coming here soon. their new album has really snuck up and grown on me as of late.

  • Graeme

    BOXY is the jamness….

  • J

    Nicely done, motherfucker!

    (said with much love)

  • I’m liking the idea of Phantoms At Sea.

  • Comcast and MTV2 are giving Portland artists the chance to be featured nationally on MTV2 during the Portland Dew Tour premiere on MTV2’s Rail N Rock!

    On July 20th, MTV will review the top 20 ranked artists and select 3 to spend a day with MTV2 cameras. Performances and interviews will be showcased on Comcast Local On Demand and the 3 winning artists will be featured nationally on MTV2 during the Portland Dew Tour premiere on MTV2’s Rail N Rock!

  • I’m assuming this is for Portland, Oregon – though it’s kind of annoying that the website doesn’t specify. Maybe it’s just for any Portland? That would be… interesting.

  • Nenab

    those are some good show….Interesting at Caroline… I will tell my friend about that since he is in a band.

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