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Some People Get Thirsty: El Rayo Michelada

I know, two food-related posts in a row? I thought this was a music blog! Don’t worry, it is. I just enjoy food, as you may have noticed. Drinks, too.

At El Rayo Taqueria (aka that new taco joint in Portland that’s really good) yesterday I noticed an interesting beverage on the drink menu: a Michelada. It was described as “Beer of choice served over ice with Worcestershire sauce, lime, tabasco, and salt.” Sounded perfect to me.
El Rayo Taqueria Michelada

When I ordered it I was asked “are you from the Southwest?”


“Have you lived in Mexico?”


“Been there?”

Not once.

“Oh. Usually those are the only people that drink this.”

Seemed like a good sign to me! The chili powder and salt along the top rim was pretty intense – I described it as tasting like licking a barbecue grill (not that I’ve done that), but the drink overall was really delicious and refreshing. The spice is great (I’m also a fan of Bloody Marys) and the concept of beer over ice/in a mixed drink is great. I had mine with Dos Equis and that seemed to work out pretty well.

Now if only someone would open up a late-night taco truck in Portland, all my Mexican food-related needs would be fulfilled!

2 comments to Some People Get Thirsty: El Rayo Michelada

  • Mike C.

    Ooh, that sounds really delicious. Someday I will be able to afford to go out to eat again and I think I’ll make a point of checking this place/drink out.

  • Hey Bryan,

    Came across your flickr photostream from Portland Psst. El Rayo’s actually planning on running a taco truck sometime soon. I’d stay tuned with Portland Food Map to stay on the up and up about that update, but it sounds like it’ll be late night, maybe for lunch runs too!

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