Spencer, etc. Mounting An Attack

It seems like Spencer And The School Spirit Mafia have been making a huge impression all over Portland for a while now, before releasing any recorded music or having much of an online presence at all. These days, this seems like a pretty novel approach to promoting a band, but it sure seems to work for them. Maybe it has something to do with having a massive group with costumes (please hold your Sufjan comparisons until after you hear the music… at which point they’ll make even more sense) or the band’s tendency to parade down Congress Street, performing in front of crowded bars and venues. With their debut album scheduled for an July 21st release (with a release show on August 1st at Asylum, which is definitely not closing), SATSSM have a blog, myspace page, and Facebook page for you to keep up on their activities. Check it out, and enjoy. Fun, Two, Three, Four, indeed.