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No Room For Rumors

Just to clear some things up, I have official word from Asylum to update us on changes going on at the club. Contrary to what you may have be hearing from anonymous posts and commenters posing as employees, the venue is not going to be discontinuing their live music programming this year.

We will be doing some renovations over the summer to improve the venue; we will be continuing a live music schedule throughout the summer, though. There will be some 2-3 week intervals where we do not have shows (to allow for the improvements ), but Asylum is alive and well and not going anywhere anytime soon!

Also, a side note about posting comments here on HillyTown: I encourage you to join the discussion here with any thoughts related to the posts, and all opinions are welcome. However, posting under someone else’s name or posing as them in any way will not be allowed.

Let’s end this post on a positive note. The fine gentlemen over at [dog] and [pony] have posted the first of their Tower Of Song Festival episodes, which features Sam James and Chriss Sutherland. Do yourself a huge favor and watch this, and fall in love with the Portland music scene a little more.