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Exclusive: Kurt Baker – “Don’t Steal My Heart Away” stream

Portland’s preeminent popster, Kurt Baker, is about to drop a new limited edition single with two tracks recorded by Jon Wyman – “Don’t Steal My Heart Away” b/w “Why You Gotta Lie” – just in time for his TWO show at Port City Music Hall tomorrow (2/22/11). The $2, two local band show (with $2 beers) will also be the cd release party for Grand Hotel‘s new disc, In Color. Check out the track Walken to get a taste of the band’s OK Go meets Radiohead style – the album will be available at the show for just $2! That’s a potential full night of music, drinking, and merch for under $10. Not bad!

Here’s what Kurt has to say about his new track, which you can hear for the first time below:

I had originally penned this tune for a group I briefly played with called The Goodnight Process in the spring of 2010. The band had been a local staple on the Portland, ME music scene playing pop/rock that was very influenced by groups like Rooney and Sondre Lerche, but when I joined the group we took a more straight ahead 70’s power pop approach, trying to draw heavily on groups like the Knack and Electric Light Orchestra. “Don’t Steal My Heart Away” could have been a The Leftovers tune, but playing it with a whole set of musicians in the Goodnight Process really shaped how the song would eventually turn out. I dug this tune so much, and the audience reception to it was always great whenever we played it live, so after my stay in The Goodnight Process, this was one of the first tunes I wanted to record for my solo album. This track features some excellent synth and back up vocal work from Kris “Fingers” Rodgers, and a killer lead guitar solo that channels The Shirelles “Will You Still Love Me Tomorow”, thanks to guitar monster Miek Rodrigue.”

UPDATE: The limited exclusive on this stream is over! Thanks for looking though!

Don’t Steal My Heart Away by Kurt Baker

Make sure to check out a new podcast interview with Kurt (and Kris “Fingers” Rodgers) thanks to our friends at Freezing Process.

Keep reading for some videos and more goodies from both Kurt Baker and Grand Hotel.

Surely you remember this Blondie gem, as done up by Kurt:

These dudes really love making videos…

Nothing says rock ‘n roll like the morning news!

See you at the show!

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