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Summer Show season in Portland kicks off with Downtown Boys, Beach House and more

In case you didn’t notice, summer is fast approaching — or maybe it should already be here? June 21st seems a bit away to be the first official day of summer.

And with that fast approach has come the annual rush of summer show announcements for Portland which kicked off in a somewhat grand way when Beach House announced that they’ll be starting their world tour in support of their yet-to-be-released album, Depression Cherry, at the State Theatre on August 18th (the album comes out 10 days after that).

Oh, that Mac DeMarco show at Port City that was happening on August 12th? It just got a whole lot bigger as it was moved to the State Theatre from the original location — but don’t worry, your Port City tickets are still valid.

On somewhat of the flipside of the success Mac DeMarco has been having as of late — of Montreal will be playing at Port City Music Hall on September 16th — Tickets go on sale for that show on Friday. 

And of course there are still tickets left for all kinds of shows happening this summer in our fair city. This obviously includes The Downtown Boys show coming up this Friday at SPACE, a show that will also feature Portland’s own Bad Leg and Lunch Cult. But that goes without saying, yeah?

Here are some of the more HillyTown-centric upcoming shows:

– Spencer Albee’s album release show for Mistakes Were Made this Friday at Port City Music Hall

– Mirah at SPACE on June 13th

– Sam Amidon with Lisa/Liza at One Longfellow Square on June 16th (brought to you in part by Portland’s Pretty Purgatory)

– Spoon at The State Theatre on June 19th

– Real Estate at Port City Music Hall on June 23rd

– Interpol at The State Theatre on July 20th

– Angel Olsen at Port City Music Hall on July 25th (it will be life changing — trust us when we say her SPACE show two years ago was, Lisa/Liza as the opener definitely had a role in that as well)


– The Decemberists (with HillyTown feature and Portland’s own Lady Lamb) at the Sate Theatre on July 29th

– Desaparecidos at Port City Music Hall on August 2nd

– Father John Misty at the State Theatre on August 3rd

– And of course, the now rescheduled Death Cab For Cutie show at the State Theatre on September 4th

Yeah, we know the odds of Death Cab For Cutie playing anything from an album that came out in 1998 are close to zero but what a great album Something About Airplanes really is.

MUSIC IN PORTLAND! Go out and see something, there are very few things you could be doing on any of these dates that would rival seeing any of these shows.

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