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SXSW Bands: Goes Cube (Brooklyn, NY)

South By Southwest 2011 is just under a month away, and enjoying 5 days of nonstop live music requires a bit of preparation. I’ll be looking at some of the acts I hope to catch, including bands from Maine, those who regularly play in Portland, and national acts who will hopefully make it through here in the near future. Send any recommendations for bands I should check out and cover here to hello – at-!

Metal might not be my music genre of choice, but over the years a few bands have caught my attention enough to make me rethink that. Lately, Waranimal – Portland’s premier purveyors of party metal – have been doing a pretty convincing job, but before them it was Goes Cube – friends and former neighbors of mine in Brooklyn, whose music might actually be more hardcore than metal – who would get me into it. The guys have only played in Portland once (though lead singer/guitarist David spent some time up here the last two summers working on a novella – The Janitors – which comes out 4/1/11) but with a new album on the way I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities to get them back up here.

Their new record, In Tides And Drifts (which is apparently “f*@%ing sick“) will be out March 29 from The End. Get caught up by listening to their previous album below.

Goes Cube tour dates:

3/09 New York, NY – Studio At Webster Hall (feat. Naam, The Austerity Program and Rosetta)
3/11 Raleigh, NC – Slim’s Downtown
3/12 Columbia, SC – The Whig (feat. The Unawares)
3/13 Birmingham, AL – TBA
3/14 Hattiesburg, MS – The Tavern
3/16 Austin, TX – The Hole In The Wall (The Midgetmen’s Texas Jumpstart 4)
3/16 Austin, TX – TBA
3/17 Austin, TX – Hotel Vegas (“Brooklyn Bbq“)
3/17 Austin, TX – The Ale House (Official SXSW Showcase: The End Records)

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