Wilco (The Show) Roundupish

It’s pretty much inevitable that Wilco will find their way into your day. Even if you’re not going to the big show on the pier, you’ll probably hear it. Or maybe you’ll be trying to buy a cd, rent a movie, or grab some pizza over at 151 Middle Street around 12:30, while Wilco guitarist Nels Cline will be at Bull Moose signing autographs (I’d expect quite a crowd for that). Staying in tonight and live on Munjoy Hill? Open your windows and you’ll likely get a nice loud taste of the show – sound travels around the hill in funny ways.

There’s gotta be something else going on in Portland than this Wilco show though, right? Absolutely.

Apologies for the lack of more detailed roundups these days, but things are getting busy at HT HQ. See you out there (but not at Wilco!).