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Some Thursday Updates (Warning: Very Spencer-centric)

Once again, Spencer Albee has a video out promoting a show. Check out the absurd promo video for the As Fast As/Grand Hotel/The Leftovers show this Saturday at Asylum.

That’s not the only thing the former Rusted Overtones member has up his sleeve – to celebrate the release of Spencer And The School Spirit Mafia‘s debut, Candy, Cake, And Ice Cream, the band will play free shows at Bull Moose stores next week before the release show on August 1st.

And that’s not all there is – this week the Fall/Winter ’09 Clash Of The Titans Schedule was announced. There are definitely some interesting battles lined up – some that look good to me are Sex Pistols vs. The Stooges (9/15), SNL vs. Monty Python (9/27), Velvet Underground vs. Portishead (11/3), Interpol vs. The Strokes (11/17), and Jay Z vs. DRE (12/16). These events will continue to be held at Empire Dine & Dance.

In other news (oh right, this does relate…), there have been some changes to the August HillyTown OFFStage Concert Series. Unfortunately (maybe somebody is a little busy?) Sontiago & The School Spirit Mafia won’t be happening at the 8/26 show. White Light will headline that final installment of free music with Blood Warrior and Mark Summers. Cannot Be Stopped were, unfortunately, stopped from touring due to an upcoming cross-country move, so Theodore Treehouse (f/k/a The Cups) will take that slot between Haru Bangs and Boxy (in their first ever performance).

1 comment to Some Thursday Updates (Warning: Very Spencer-centric)

  • Mike C.

    any odds on the likelihood of both Dre and Jigga being portrayed by white dudes?

    How about if one of them will be portrayed by spencer albee?

    I say about 2:1 on the first and 1:4 on the second.

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