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Portland Food Update April 2010

The past few months have seen some changes in the Portland food scene (I’m talking the one I’m interested in – pizza, bbq, hot dogs, bacon-dusted fries, etc., not that fancy or healthy stuff!). Here’s a quick update:

Opening almost two months ago was the Skinny Cart BBQ at 202 Washington Ave. While I […]

Music By The Slice

I’ve been in quite a pizza-loving mood lately (which you really know if you’ve run into me on Congress Street in the evening over the past week), so it’s interesting to come upon this little bit of news: Joe’s NY Pizza (or, more specifically, their upstairs “Slice Bar”) is going to start hosting events. Music, […]

Music Fans Need Food Too: Otto’s Pizza

Let’s get one more food post in, while we’re on a roll.

Again we take an optimistic look at late night pizza options in Portland. The other day I spotted this Craigslist ad (thanks, job search rss feed!), and then the Psst! confirmed it: a new restaurant by the name of Otto’s Pizza would […]

Music Fans Need Food Too: Joe’s NY Pizza

pizza food snacking “joe’s new york pizza” […]