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QQQQQ / NME NMNE / The Underwater Dogs / Not MOFT / Air Away – Zero Station – 04/10/15

the Sun + the Moon, Top of the World!

Will Ethridge always goes out of his way to produce really fantastic events, and this May 5 is no different. Check out the video below to learn a bit about the celebration at Top of the World Park and Zero Station.

Get full details on the event and order your tickets and maybaskets […]

Kapital Ink Magazine Release Party (Issue #5)

HillyTown Presented: Matt Bauer + Strand Of Oaks + Tin Ceilings [6.19.09]

In an effort to keep the Portland/La Soc vibe going after that last minute Lewis & Clarke show a while back, two of the label’s excellent artists, Matt Bauer and Strand Of Oaks, stopped by on tour to play with the elusive Tin Ceilings, which in this incarnation featured Sarah Ramey (Seekonk/Wolf Larsen), Dave […]

HillyTown Presents: Matt Bauer + Strand Of Oaks + Tin Ceilings