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Waranimal / Barnburner / Sylvia / Phantom Glue / Death Cloud

Coast City Comicon Made Nerds Rave [11.11.11]

Last weekend, Coast City Comics launched the first Coast City Comicon. Things kicked off with an epic “Nerd Rave” party at SPACE Gallery, featuring sets from Waranimal and Heloise & the Savoir Faire, as well as a pretty intense costume contest. Read on for a photo gallery from the kickoff party and some more […]

HillyTown Presented at SPACE [5.10.11]

On Tuesday night, we welcomed the return of Brooklyn metal band Goes Cube back to Portland with a HillyTown Presents show at SPACE Gallery. Local party metal thrashers Waranimal and Peapod punks Huak rounded out the night of loud music.

Waranimal are playing a show tonight at Geno’s, and Huak have a […]

HillyTown Presents: Goes Cube + Waranimal + Huak

Flannel 5th Issue Release: Waranimal / Holding Steady the Heartbeat of Hell / Absence of the Sun / Terrible Old Man

Waranimal / The Proselyte / Falls Of Rauros

Waranimal Beach Party Video

I heard the Blndsght Tattoo shop closing party was wild, but this is way crazier than I could have imagined. Shoulda gone. The Waranimal guys party again, Hawaiian shirt-style, on the 29th at SPACE.

Waranimal\’s Winter Beach Ball

Rosetta / Waranimal / KYOTY

Escalator / Waranimal / A Primitive & Savage Land / Dylan Bredeau

Draize / Sixes / Corrupt Government / Waranimal

A Primitive and Savage Land / Waranimal