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Biscuit On Cookies

A clarification from Biscuit Wakefield

A few of you have written in with an apt observation: tastes, like mileage, may vary. One person’s ideal chocolate-chip cookie is another person’s tastebud nightmare. Obviously, there is some objectivity in cookie reviewing. Is the product overpriced? Is it burnt? Did it result in food poisoning? Past these simple […]


HillyTown’s resident food reviewer, Biscuit Wakefield, may be reached at Please direct you comments, questions, and flavortaste recommendations there.

She has shared some thoughts regarding her personal preference when it comes to cookies, which you can read here.

Portland Cookie Review: Big Sky Bakery

review by Biscuit Wakefield – please read “Biscuit On Cookies“

Big Sky Bakery Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Walnut Cookie (I purchased mine from the Public Market, but it’s available at the Woodfords location as well) (My apologies, I forgot the price. Again! It was reasonable, though, I remember that. Good cookies are so distracting.) Now that […]

Luke’s Lobster In NYC

review by Biscuit Wakefield

Eaters of Portland!

I realize that Bryan, Hilly Town’s owner, asked me to review chocolate-chip cookies for this fine web site. I am sorry that my CCC reviews have slowed of late — the summer was busy, my garden was suffering, and other obligations interfered. I promise I will have […]

Roundup June 13-19

This weekend is full of fun. Mega concert updates just happened. Check the showlist and get out there!

Justin Ellis interviewed me for the first Know Your Blog interview, HillyTown edition at the Press Herald! (Which had an interesting week of its own). Portland Coffee Roasters (where we’ve enjoyed many a weekend morning serenade by […]

Portland Cookie Review: The Udder Place

review by Biscuit Wakefield

The Udder Place Chocolate Chip Cookie My apologies. I forgot the price.

Two years ago I joined my husband on a trip to New York City, where he was attending a boat sales show, and there I encountered a chocolate chip cookie unlike any I’d ever eaten. It was at […]

Portland Cookie Review: Hilltop Coffee Shop

review by Biscuit Wakefield

Hilltop Coffee Shop Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip $0.50 (baked the day before) + tax

Fellow gardeners know, all too well, the expression “The bloom is off the rose.” Comes a day when the air chills, the sky darkens, and your hard-tended beds let faded petals fall to the ground. Is […]

Portland Cookie Review: North Star Cafe

review by Biscuit Wakefield

North Star Music Cafe Chocolate-Chip Walnut (not vegan) $1.75 + tax

This hefty cookie is no lightweight snack: measuring just over four inches across, it stands up to dunking in cold milk, hot coffee, or both. The thick, chewy interior is pleasant, though the edges wobble on the line between […]