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Roundup June 13-19

This weekend is full of fun. Mega concert updates just happened. Check the showlist and get out there!

  • Justin Ellis interviewed me for the first Know Your Blog interview, HillyTown edition at the Press Herald! (Which had an interesting week of its own).
  • Portland Coffee Roasters (where we’ve enjoyed many a weekend morning serenade by Rebecca Minnick and others) is closing and being replaced with sandwiches and CBD coffee.
  • Our own Biscuit Wakefield tackled the delicious treats at The Udder Place. It’s off the peninsula, but worth the trip.
  • Adam Kurtz (of the Adam Kurtz Mann Band Explosion Incorporated The Third, or something, and Kino Proby, BEST BAND IN THE WORLD ACCORDING TO THE PHOENIX!!!, or something) is starting up a FREE Sunday concert series at the Empire Dine & Dance. It’s called the Day Of Rest Music Fest and each show will feature 3 musicians trading off with 15 minute sets each from 8pm to 11pm. It kicks off this Sunday with Elijah Ocean, Jeremy Alexander, and Nancy Cartonio.

Expect some more updates this weekend… don’t forget to check out the HillyTown Presents show at Zero Station on Saturday, and get clicking to download Dilly Dilly’s new album on Sunday!

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