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Coke Weed Interview

This is how the internet and music discovery works now: over the past few months we’ve noticed the words Coke Weed popping up every so often thanks to Facebook’s slightly creepy stream-of-consciousness system and our fine network of Maine musicians ranging from bedroom poppers and diy noisenicks to arena rockers. It took a minute to figure out that people were actually talking about a band – not drugs – and for us to get around to digging in a bit. And you know what? We found a band that we actually really dig, so we set out to learn more – pay close attention, this guy is onto all the good stuff both in Maine and NYC. Next week we’ll check out the live show at Littlefield in Brooklyn and share photos with you as well. Before we get started, go download Coke Weed Volume One and watch their new video here.

Interview with Milan of the band Coke Weed, by Franc Redhews.

HT: So where are you guys based out of?
CW: We are based out of Bar Harbor. Bar Harbor was founded on Mt. Desert Island, Maine.

What’s your connection to NY then?
We’ve always loved New York. Nina, our singer, and I have family ties in and around. Nina and I also both went to school in Westchester county, but not really at the same time. I lived in the city for 6 years after school. Despite my behavior, I guess I built up a few favors and have been slowly calling them in over the years. Nick Stumpf, who is an indie rock polymath, is someone I met many years ago when we were both in bands in New York. He came up to the island last June and recorded our new record live in a barn, right to tape. It sounds like a million bucks. We’re about to go down to NY and play some shows with another old friend, J. Wise, whose project is called A>G>E. Nick recorded his record as well. And he just finished mixing our new record and that was in Easthampton, New York. Another island town.

What bands might you say have been your biggest influences musically over the years?
The electric Dylan records, Creedence has endless grooves, the first 3 Funkadelic records and the Great Society, which is Grace Slick’s first band. Nina likes Mick Jagger, the Doors, Roxy Music and Francoise Hardy. Maybe the spirit of A. Russell somehow moves us where we practice.

So, which one, coke or weed? No seriously, why isn’t it coke and weed?
To my understanding, a coke weed is when you sprinkle cocaine over the marijuana before rolling it into a joint.

Your picnics look great in your video, what does your live show look like though?
Thank you. Live we are three disheveled men with beards, a beautiful brunette cherub and a 25 year old bronzed Apollo behind the drum kit.

What bands are you most into these days from Maine? From NY?
We are isolated from a lot of things in Maine, but we like Micah, and Wesley. I’ve heard Herbcraft and they are very cool. Altered Gees is this electronic thing by these kids in Portland and that’s awesome. I give props to Brendan Evans for the scene he made at Strange Maine. I mean, that place is tiny. Seeing IDM Theftable anytime is like seeing Ornette Coleman in 1956. Also Nat Baldwin‘s music is really beautiful.

New York: the Walkmen, more old friends, they really might be one of the greatest bands. The aforementioned A>G>E made a beautiful record. I’m psyched to see it live. Caveman are this other just really gorgeous sounding band that also recently worked with Nick, I’d like to see them soon. Panda Bear, well, the record I like I think he made in New York. Jay-Z still makes good songs. LCD Soundsystem has amazing singles. It’s New York: If you factor in hip-hop and dance music, you will be lost in a wormhole of ultimate vibes.

What’s next?
Well, we finished our second record. You know we love it and we’re just kind of waiting to see what to do with it. We just put out our video and we’ll probably make some more material available. I guess we are just looking to be playing bigger shows where we can really sparkle, y’know?