BUOY Is Pretty Much Magic

What, is the title a little too much? But it’s true! Billed on the Facebook event as “HOMETOWN FAVS & LOVES AFAR|||SOUNDS oF LIMITLESS GENEROSITY,” it seemed likely that there’d be warm and fuzzy feelings at Kittery’s BUOY Gallery for last night’s show, which included hometown favorite Nat Baldwin (of Dirty Projectors), Brooklyn sax maniac Travis Laplante, and the fragile sounds of Kurt Weisman from Vermont. It was (regrettably) my first time making it down to the small yet spacious venue, but on this occasion the room was filled with more people than I would have anticipated – maybe 40 or 50 – and all seemed to be having a great time, fully appreciative of the somewhat challenging music presented. Read on for more photos from the event.

All photos by Bryan Bruchman.