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Lady Lamb Brooklyn Studio Visit, SPACE Saturday!

One of the first acts to really land on our radar at HillyTown and make a big impact was Lady Lamb The Beekeeper. It’s been a couple years now since that first show we caught at Slainte, and Aly Spaltro has since toured extensively, gotten amazing press, and moved to Brooklyn. This week, I also happened to move to Brooklyn, and just a couple days later got word that more Portland friends – The Milkman’s Union – would be heading this way to do a special recording session with Lady Lamb. As it turns out, the studio happened to be around the corner from my new apartment and run by my friend Nadim Issa, so of course I had to stop by. Check out the photos below and keep an eye on the blog Brooklyn Based for when they release the very cool track that came from that session. Aly and the TMU boys were joined by Andrew Futral (Field Mouse/The Age of Rockets) for the session.

For those of you in Portland, don’t miss Lady Lamb The Beekeeper’s big show tomorrow, Saturday 9/24, at SPACE Gallery with Astronautalis (who we are big fans of as well). It’s her first show back after almost a year and sure to be huge.
Photos by Bryan Bruchman.

2 comments to Lady Lamb Brooklyn Studio Visit, SPACE Saturday!

  • Allison Fitzgerald

    When I first moved to Brooklyn my only wish is that all of Portland, ME could move with me and it feels a little more like home knowing Lady Lamb and other people from Portland are here too! Mainers make Brooklyn even better 🙂

  • You should come to the Portland Music Foundation CMJ showcase on 10/20 at Sullivan Hall to get a massive dose of Maine music!

    Aly won’t be playing that showcase, but she is opening for o’death at the Bell House on 10/8. See you there!

    We’ll also be doing HillyTown Presents shows to bring Maine musicians to Brooklyn, so keep an eye out for those (most likely in the Park Slope/Gowanus area).

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