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SOLD OUT: Lady Lamb The Beekeeper / Cuddle Magic / Henry Jamison – Port City Music Hall – 03/13/15

The HillyTown Portland National Preview

Yes — the past few weeks have been filled with an onslaught of announcements of national acts coming to Portland (thanks to Lauren at the State Theatre and other bookers). Here are a few national acts coming to our city this spring and summer that we think you should checkout — unless it’s a sold-out show (looking at you, Neutral Milk Hotel). […]

Lady Lamb and Kaki King Played SPACE [12.4.12]

Predictably, Lady Lamb The Beekeeper had an excellent, crowded show at SPACE Gallery, which she always talks about as being her home venue (we’ll never forget that time she hushed a sold out, talkative crowd there before she was even very well-known locally). It’s always great to see her back on that stage, and […]

New Sontiago video – “Muscle Car” + Lady Lamb news

Today, VICE premiered the video for Sontiago‘s song, “Muscle Car,” featuring Therese Workman from Oh My Goodness (who we’ve been harassing forever to play a show, and will continue to do so). It’s a fun track and the video is just a big old Portland love fest for us with so many familiar faces making […]

Lady Lamb and The Milkman’s Union Played Brooklyn [12.15.11]

Noticing a theme here? On Wednesday, December 15, Lady Lamb and The Milkman’s Union (who have been recording together in Brooklyn) kicked off a brief tour at Union Hall in Park Slope along with their local pals Cuddle Magic. All just a couple days before Brenda hit the borough to play a diy show. […]

Astronautalis + Lady Lamb Sold Out SPACE [9.24.11]

Sounds like this was a pretty great show, as expected. Photos from David Zwickerhill below. Look for more coverage on both Astronautalis (and his Portland-based bandmembers) and Lady Lamb The Beekeeper in the coming weeks, as they have shows in NY that we’ll plan to be at as well!


Lady Lamb Brooklyn Studio Visit, SPACE Saturday!

One of the first acts to really land on our radar at HillyTown and make a big impact was Lady Lamb The Beekeeper. It’s been a couple years now since that first show we caught at Slainte, and Aly Spaltro has since toured extensively, gotten amazing press, and moved to Brooklyn. This week, I […]

Astronautalis / Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper / The Dogs / Henry Jamison

SXSW Music: Lady Lamb The Beekeeper

I’m back from SXSW and catching up on the photos of all the bands I saw there. Here’s another one!

Band: Lady Lamb The Beekeeper / Hometown: Portland, Maine! Show: Brooklynvegan showcase / Venue: Swan Dive / Date: 3/16

What more can I say about Lady Lamb The Beekeeper at this point? We’ve […]

New Lady Lamb Album + BMA

This past weekend, Lady Lamb The Beekeeper won the award for “Best Folk Artist” at the Boston Music Awards. That poll’s “Artist of the Year,” Amanda Palmer, went on a bit of a Twitter spree about her love for the new young artist. Today, Aly Spaltro (who has obviously not quite settled in NY […]

Another Lady Lamb Video

This time it’s a bit more official than the shaky live video I posted the other day. Apparently Aly has made it down to Brooklyn, where she filmed this single-take video for “Between Two Trees.” Check it out:


Farewell Lady Lamb Video

Our friends at [dog] and [pony] produced a performance video for Lady Lamb The Beekeeper just in time for her grand “Farewell” show at SPACE Gallery tomorrow (Friday, 10/29). She’ll be heading to Cambridge to finish her album before moving on to try her hand at NYC. We wish her luck.


\”Farewell For Now, Lady Lamb\” Lady Lamb The Beekeeper / Pearl And The Beard / Jacob Augustine / Panda Bandits

Pearl And The Beard / Tiger Saw / Lady Lamb The Beekeeper