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Roundup, First Friday edition! (Feb. 28-Mar. 6)

This week’s roundup is brought to you by Darkchild 99.

After tonight’s First Friday Art Walk (don’t forget to check out the Tower of Song – today’s special guest is Phantom Buffalo! – read this Arthur Mag piece about the monthly event), head over to the Port City Music Hall for our big show (presented with Neon Garden and Scion Sessions) with LA Riots! Portland’s never seen an electronic/dance show like this. Tickets will be available for the discounted price of $10 at the door!

Let’s get on with it…


  • You just really need to see this video of Sontiago, Aly Spaltro, and Dilly Dilly covering “Say My Name”. It was fantastic live at SPACE last week, but this video just sounds amazing! Photos from that show (2/27) should be online soonish.
  • Picnic, the indie arts and music festival that we first saw last September in Lincoln Park, will not have an event in June as previously anticipated. Instead, they’ll hold off until a much bigger event again later in the year. Apparently another, suspiciously similar, event will be happening in Lincoln Park this Spring instead.
  • Pecos Bill is dead. Long live Jesse Pilgrim. He played under the name Pecos Bill for the first two songs of his set at Geno’s last night (photo below, during “Old Wild Bill”) before bringing out a full band (including Derek Gierhan, Mica Jones, and more) to flesh out his typically spare folks songs. To celebrate the change, Jesse handmade a demo ep titled Pecos Bill is Dead that was available at the show in an numbered edition of 50 (fun fact, I got number 50!). Keep an ear out for this guy.
    Jesse Pilgrims's last song as Pecos Bill @ Genos - Photo by Bryan Bruchman
  • Portland’s epic cover band showdown, Clash of The Titans (don’t bother trying to make friends there unless you know the email address, apparently), is moving from the Big Easy to the Empire and has the next few months of pairings anounced. The three that we’re really excited about (get ready to not be surprised at all) are April 28 (Cure vs. REM), June 2 (Pixies vs. Sonic Youth), and July 1 (Nirvana vs. Smashing Pumpkins). They even have season passes available for $75 – those will get you into all of this season’s shows (3/17-7/1).
  • Justin Ellis took a look at the State Theater and asked a very good question: why hasn’t someone taken it and re-opened it yet? Or is it already in the works?
  • It’s the middle of Restaurant Week Maine. Looks like the majority of the Portland restaurants participating are doing meals for $30.09, which is a pretty good considering their normal prices!
  • A great show announcement came in this week for Portland: the legendary Dinosaur Jr. will be playing at The Station on April 3 with openers Awesome Color! Interesting choice of venue for the show (this is the same venue doing a “pop punk heroes” show this weekend) – but hey, it’ll get me out there for the first time! Warning: tickets are really pricey.

South and Westerly:

Have fun this weekend, and don’t forget to enter our Duncan Sheik tix+cd giveaway!

7 comments to Roundup, First Friday edition! (Feb. 28-Mar. 6)

  • I’m pretty pumped about Dinosaur Jr. coming to Portland. But wow, those tickets are monstrous…especially for The Station.

  • And I love that the main demographic is going to completely change for that one night. Back to pop-punk screamo kids when this gets over.

  • Pat

    Pitchfork has confirmed the first three acts; The National, Grizzly Bear, & The Jesus Lizard!

  • Dinosaur jr went to the Station because they required an all ages venue (or is it 18+? Cant tell from their web site)

    Wish the journalists would stop asking why the State is vacant and find some answers…!

  • frank johnson

    How did the State Theater remedy 1.2M worth of fire code repairs without pulling a single municipal building permit of State Fire Marshalls permit? Curious.

  • Just a quick note in regards to your comment about “another, suspiciously similar (to Picnic), event will be happening in Lincoln Park this Spring instead”.
    The Blissful Revolution Arts and Crafts Bazaars have been putting on shows “suspiciously similar” to the 2008 Picnic event in and around Portland since 2004. The idea of an all local DIY craft fair with live music was certainly not a new idea when Blissful started doing it 5 years ago, and the creator of Blissful was extremely excited to welcome the new Picnic event, spreading the word to her entire contact list…in her mind, the more people showcasing & celebrating the DIY craft scene, the better. An admirable sentiment.

  • Thanks for the info, Marc. I wasn’t aware of the Blissful Revolution’s history – the site doesn’t really provide much background, so I had no way of knowing what sort of events you’ve been having since 2004. I definitely look forward to checking out your Bazaars, as is always a strong supporter of the arts and independent music. Make sure you include us on your media lists so we can have all the latest info when it becomes available!

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