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Roundup (March 7-13)

I’ll be away all next week, running around like crazy in Austin for the South By Southwest Music Festival. As far as I can tell, the only Maine band playing the festival (officially) is Sparks The Rescue.

Showgoing options for tonight are plentiful: If you’re into awesome pop music and are feeling fancy (and can get by without any booze at an 18+ show), head to Port City Music Hall for OK Go. Opening are Oppenheimer (Irish indie pop) and Longwave (epic NYC indie rock). Longwave just released a video for the song “No Direction” of their ’08 release, Secrets Are Sinister. Doors have been pushed up to 7pm, with Oppenheimer on at 8, Longwave at 8:45, and OK Go at 10! Word is there may be some sort of afterparty at the White Heart.

SPACE is hosting a killer lineup, headlined by the Islands+Tune-Yards-related Sister Suvi (their new release, Now I Am Champion is excellent and not to be missed). Opening are Shapes and Sizes and one of our favorite locals, Lady Lamb The Beekeeper.

Over at Geno’s it’s revenge of the 48 Hours Music Fest, as Prism Camp transitions officially from one-time project to a real band, joining Moneycastasia, I, Barbarian, and the new (Cougars Kill Cobras rhythm section, mutated) Harubangs for a heavy night of rock.

On to a brief roundup…



  • Pitchfork got a massive overhaul. Gone is the over-the-top (but memorable) stylized design, left in favor of a stark, boxy layout, complete with a huge headache of an ad at the top of the page.
  • A friend of mine just launched a new record label, YK Records, with the debut album from Uncle Skeleton. You can buy the disc or just head straight for the music.
  • Sorry to be so light on the other music, but for the past week if it hasn’t been Portland or South By Southwest-related, I haven’t really been paying attention.

I may update at some point from Texas next week. I wouldn’t expect a roundup though – see you all back on the 23rd!

3 comments to Roundup (March 7-13)

  • the ladybeast (aka a shadowy young person)

    i wouldn’t say that the bollard ‘reports’– i’d say that they muckrake unnecessarily, sensationalizing for no one’s good other than their own. this is the third time that busby & co. have pissed me off, & i’m getting sick of them.

  • I agree that there is some muckraking going on at the Bollard, but to shoot them down for shining light on topics that mainstream media is either a) too lazy, b) too scared, or c) too inept to tackle is counter-productive.

  • frank Johnson

    The Bollard article looks pretty legit to me. The dooryard should b closed if they don’t play by the rules. Bunch of smelly anarchists I bet. With face piercings and small hands. Next they’ll b serving grilled cheese sandwiches. Do u think they have liability insurace? I hope the Bollard identifies the landlord.

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