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Spin Me Right Roundup [May 30-June 5]

making pins - and

We spent a marathon pin-making night with Kris Johnsen of Emblem Studio (and additional help from Jess from SPACE) getting ready for the debut of the Portland Pins project this weekend. Stop by Eli-Phant (253 Congress St., Portland) tonight on the First Friday Art Walk for the opening of their Unkle Thirsty exhibit and check out the results of the project. With all of the great contributions we received, you stand to get some amazing one-of-a-kind artwork on a pin for just 25 cents (which can actually get you up to 3 pins sometimes). This weekend marks Eli-Phant’s one year anniversary, so the excitement continues with a party tomorrow!

On to the listage:

  • The Point is posting much more frequently now, apparently fueled by the local music scene controversies they started recently. They even got a response from Chris Gray in this week’s Phoenix.
  • Speaking of our city’s weekly paper, their music awards show on Wednesday was quite a spectacle. The Asylum was crowded with the whole spectrum of Portland’s music scene, along with a fancifully decked out newspaper staff (men in white jackets, ladies in red dresses) who were all packed elbow to elbow to chow down on free pizza, wings, salty crab balls (catchphrase of the event, for sure), and an assortment of cheeses. Oh, and there were performers and some sort of prizes given out. Many of the winners were about as predicted (both for good and bad), but some of the surprises (and overdue victories) made the night even more exciting.
  • Last night we, and just about everybody else in town who goes out to see live music, headed to the Nickelodeon to catch the 48 Hour Music Festival documentary. Director David Camlin took on a huge project and put it all together masterfully. Following the process of organizing the project and putting the bands together was much more compelling than the final sequence with the live show footage (the afterparty footage was probably best left out, thankfully), but fans of the bands (or friends) will enjoy the DVD, which includes the entire concert. When you’re done Artwalking tonight, get to Geno’s to see some of the bands born out of this project, while helping the guys raise some funds for this great project!
  • Our friends at the Pine Haven Collective have an art show – Revival – opening down at ellO Gallery in Portsmouth, in case you’re the state border-crossing type.
  • Apparently the Blink-182/Fall Out Boy show at the Civic center is being postponed from the previously announced August 8th date. Don’t cry too much.

Since this isn’t actually Portland related at all (oh wait, there was that awesome Sonic Youth/Pixies Clash Of The Titans this week, right), it goes outside the list. Next week is Sonic Youth week on Pitchfork TV. Yes, please.

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