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What This Week Was, What’s Coming

So, who else is heading up to Bangor for KahBang! tomorrow? I’m anticipating a Portland field trip. Congrats to Christian for winning our Gay Blades-sponsored contest!

I haven’t tried it yet, but if there’s pulled pork in Monument Square, I’m there.

In band-personell-shifting-news, Dead Man’s Clothes is now down to a trio, including Ian Riley (Anna’s Ghost drummer) on bass, Boxy have added Chad Chamberlain on guitar/bass, and Lady Lamb The Beekeeper is now Aly Spaltro and a drummer (somebody please remind me of his name) who made their debut at Empire last night. Oh, and I might as well mention that Marie Stella (the band I play in) is down one Boardman and one Ladybeast, and up one Jon Donnell (plus there’s a song to listen to now).

On sale tomorrow morning: Kelly Clarkson @ Civic Center and Sufjan Stevens @ PCMH. Hit that.

Despite catching the openers, I couldn’t stick around for Grand Hotel‘s record-release performance last night. Though I’ve enjoyed singer Kyle Gervais in the roles of Wayne Coyne and Kurt Cobain at Clash Of The Titans, this review didn’t do much to entice me to stay out. I definitely plan to give the band a chance, but last night just wasn’t my time. Would anybody who was there care to share their thoughts on the show?

I know I’ve been a bit preoccupied this month, but can you blame me? The second installment of my OFFStage @ SPACE Gallery free, all ages concert series saw the addition of another fun aspect to the events: a Door Yard Sale in the front lobby. On your way in and out of the shows, stop by and check out the goods being sold (for super cheap!) to help the DoorYard art collective afford to keep paying their rent! Also, don’t forget to take a look at the Portland Pins machine over by the bar! Thanks to the bands who played: Jesse Pilgrim played a few songs solo before being joined by his band (minus drummer Derek, who was unfortunately sick), Dan Wholey (along with Liz and Caroline from Earth People Orchestra) wowed the crowd with a seated, candlelit set of beautiful folk pop songs, and the ever-expanding and refreshingly exuberant collective Panda Bandits ended the night with an eclectic performance with a rotating cast of lead singers, instruments, and theatrics. A few photos below:





Also check out Sam Cousins’ photos from this event.

Next week is a big one: Phantom Computers, Happy Machines, and Dead End Armory. Again, there will be free pizza from Otto (get there right at 7 if you want in on that, it goes fast)!

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