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Dog and Pony DVD 2 Release Show #1: Selbyville / Jakob Battick and Friends / Robber and Thief / D. Gross (full band) / Jacob and the House of Fire

Farewell Lady Lamb Video

Our friends at [dog] and [pony] produced a performance video for Lady Lamb The Beekeeper just in time for her grand “Farewell” show at SPACE Gallery tomorrow (Friday, 10/29). She’ll be heading to Cambridge to finish her album before moving on to try her hand at NYC. We wish her luck.


Dog And Pony Farewell: Matt Bauer / Wesley Hartley and the Traveling Trees / Jesse Pilgrim and the Bonfire / Milkman\’s Union / Greg Jamie of Blood Warrior

Jakob Battick & Friends [cd release] / Jacob And The House Of Fire / Billy Libby / Jesse Pilgrim And The Bonfire

Good Kids Sprouting Horns + Jakob Battick

In conjunction with the announcement that they’re launching a record label, our friends at [dog] and [pony] released an excellent video of their newly-signed act from Bangor, Good Kids Sprouting Horns. They’re definitely a band on the rise in Maine, and it’s interesting to have their development documented in this way. Check out the video […]

The Best Of The Decade + This Weekend

The Bollard published their list of The 10 Best Local Rock Albums Of The Decade (complete with mp3s). Is your favorite Portland band/album listed there? I’ve heard a few different opinions on what they missed or what shouldn’t have made it on such a list but did, but altogether it seems to make a lot […]

Wesley Hartley’s Quiver…

Wesley Hartley, of Dead End Armory (who are, I believe, on hiatus), has quietly released a free, 10-song solo acoustic album through his art website. The album, Quiver Spoked Largely Eyed, can be downloaded (one track at a time unless you upgrade your account) from here.

Catch him live at SPACE Gallery in December opening […]

Brown Bird New Album And Possible Europe Tour

It was just yesterday that Peapod Recordings officially released Brown Bird‘s excellent new (and more upbeat than some may have expected) album, The Devil Dancing, which our friends at Dog And Pony featured with this interview at the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth. Already, the band has some more news. In February, they have the opportunity […]

Dog And Pony DVD Release: Jacob Augustine / Wes Hartley / Marie Stella / Jesse Pilgrim

Blood Warrior Video From OFFStage

I have to say, Nick and Krister from Dog And Pony do some great work. They filmed all of the performances during my HillyTown OFFStage @ SPACE Gallery concert series last month and are rolling them out in episodes over at their website. This week they present “King Day” by Brooklyn’s Blood Warrior. Check it […]

No Room For Rumors

Just to clear some things up, I have official word from Asylum to update us on changes going on at the club. Contrary to what you may have be hearing from anonymous posts and commenters posing as employees, the venue is not going to be discontinuing their live music programming this year.

We will be […]