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Pavement At The State Theater In 2010.

Ok so maybe there aren’t (public) plans to reopen the State Theater and Pavement definitely haven’t added a Portland date to their 2010 reunion tour (so far just two NYC dates have been announced and gone on sale – though with them over a year away there’s plenty of time for more to be added), but wouldn’t that be cool?

Back to reality: tonight is the Frock ‘n’ Roll event at SPACE which pairs up local bands with local fashion designers. Not into fashion? That’s fine – down the block at Port City Music Hall there’s KRS One, at Big Easy Model Airplane say goodbye, local music freaks freak out to Dan Knudsen’s jams at Slainte for Danapalooza, Anna’s Ghost debut their new album at Empire with the help of Dead Man’s Clothes (now with more TJ, formerly of Lady Lamb The Beekeeper), Matt & Kim are back in Maine to get the Bates kids crazy (sold out, sorry), Decemberists are up in Orono with Laura Veirs (oops, missed that one), and if you want to start the night early and sweaty, there’s a good-lookin’ house show with Dylan Bredeau.

And that’s just tonight. Saturday has quite a bit in store (just browse the showlist). I’m looking forward to Sunday, when the legendary Ian Svenonious brings his new (Chain and the) Gang to SPACE Gallery (you’re familiar with his show Soft Focus, right?), with opening sets from two bands who made their proper debuts at HillyTown OFFStage shows last month: BOXY and Panda Bandits (technically it was their second show, but the first one was just one song at the Johnny Cash night, so that doesn’t really count, right?).

Have a great weekend!

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