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Tower Of Song Fest: Sontiago

Portland’s own queen of hip-hop, Sontiago is often joined by her partner-in-rhyme (sorry, couldn’t help it), Dilly Dilly. The two share the 3:40pm slot at this Saturday’s Tower Of Song Fest. I’ve gotta say, this was a really fun shoot…

Photos by Bryan Bruchman, interviews by Will Ethridge.


What was the most unusual place you’ve ever played music in?
I played in the chapel of Long Creek Youth Detention Center. It was very strange. The incarcerated youth came in two shifts- girls then boys. They were all sitting in pews and I had a large cross and a pulpit behind me. I felt like God was in attendance.

Describe your favorite sound not made by a musical instrument.
I have a pet zebra finch named Pumpkin. He makes the most joyous noise in the morning, when the right music is playing or if the dishes clank just the right way. A guest at my house likened his sound to a prettied-up Atari game.

What do you think happens when you get too far from your house?
I get anxious thinking about getting too far from my house-but every time I do I regret ever being fearful and wish that I got away more often. I think it’s essential to be stripped of comfort and securities every so often to be reminded that all we truly have are our bodies and minds when all else it taken away. There is no better way to find the core of your personality, talent and adaptability.

For more info on the Tower Of Song Festival on Saturday, May 23 in Congress Square, visit their info page.

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