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Tower Of Song Fest: Anna’s Ghost

As the latest addition to the (Tower Of Song-connected) Eternal Otter Records roster, Anna’s Ghost take the otherwise upbeat collective in a more somber, dramatic direction than some of the other acts involved. The group closes out the first set of the all-day festival tomorrow with a 1:10pm set.

Photos by Bryan Bruchman, interviews by Will Ethridge.


What was the most unusual place you’ve ever played music in?
Probably my (Ian, drummer) mom’s attic. Sorry that’s not very exciting but i guess we haven’t played anywhere that strange. Personally I’d say the back of a U-Haul is a little unusual.

What is the most mysterious album you own?
I would say it’s this 7″ I got in the cheap bin at Bullmoose. It’s this Japanese hardcore band called “AssFort” I just bought it because of the name but I don’t think i’ve ever actually listened to it. Maybe it would change my life if I did.

What do you think happens when you get too far from your house?
Lots of fun things that I will only hear about when I get home.

For more info on the Tower Of Song Festival on Saturday, May 23 in Congress Square, visit their info page.

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