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Dark Dark Dark Interview (Playing Tonight at SPACE)

Dark Dark Dark at WMPG in March 2010. Photo by Bryan Bruchman

It wasn’t long ago that Dark Dark Dark visited Portland in support of their previous album, Bright Bright Bright, back in March. They’re back already with a new album – Wild Go – and a show tonight at SPACE Gallery. Brooklyn’s Milagres (who have played a HillyTown show before and will be on the FREE […]

No more LL in Portland

Normally I’d just post this elsewhere (like on my personal Tumblr) but since it’s in the middle of the Arts District and nearby so many Portland venues, it seems relevent. Today they removed the sign and fully shut down the L.L. Bean Outlet Portland. It’s quite a bit retail space – any guesses or […]

Jakob Battick Album, Opening For La Strada Tonight

Jakob Battick‘s 4-song album, Heavy The Mountains, Heavy Are The Seas is now available for purchase/download (with bonus demo/alt/preview tracks included) on Bandcamp. It is also the new featured album right here on HillyTown for the next week. This is not an easy album: the songs are long, dark, and often meandering at times, […]

Nosh, Almost There.

Nosh, the new “Kitchen Bar” opening in the space at 551 Congress Street formerly occupied by The White Heart, looks like it’s just about ready to open (anybody out there have a firm date? Perhaps this weekend? word is a soft “friends and family” opening now – or rather already tonight – with a […]

Downtown Showdown This Saturday

Last year I caught a bit of the Downtown Showdown Rail Jam in Monument Square (photo above), and this year it’s happening again this Saturday, January 30th. The event is sponsored by Sunday River and Sugarloaf and starts at 5pm.


The Scene Today In Monument Square

No on 1 rally this afternoon. A few more photos here.

Tower Of Song Fest, What’s Left? Some Sorta Roundup

I tried to get photos and interviews for all 9 acts performing at tomorrow’s Tower Of Song Festival (Saturday, May 23) and definitely came close, though a couple didn’t quite get finished. Below is a photo of the band that will close out the festival, Spencer And The School Spirit Mafia, taken at the incredible […]

Tower Of Song Fest: Samuel James

Local bluesman Samuel James is a busy guy. Not only does he hold down a Thursday night residency at Blue but he is regularly tapped for opening gigs for the likes of Johnny Winter and the like when he’s not touring the country. Between official gigs you can often find him playing somewhere around town, […]

Tower Of Song Fest: Dilly Dilly

Dilly Dilly has been through so many music scenes over the years, from touring the world with Cerberus Shoal (her former bandmate from that group, Chriss Sutherland, is also on this festival) to backing Sage Francis to teaming up with Sontiago (who she shares the 3:40pm slot with at this Saturday’s Tower Of Song Fest), […]

Tower Of Song Fest: Anna’s Ghost

As the latest addition to the (Tower Of Song-connected) Eternal Otter Records roster, Anna’s Ghost take the otherwise upbeat collective in a more somber, dramatic direction than some of the other acts involved. The group closes out the first set of the all-day festival tomorrow with a 1:10pm set.

Photos by Bryan Bruchman, interviews by […]

Tower Of Song Fest: Sontiago

Portland’s own queen of hip-hop, Sontiago is often joined by her partner-in-rhyme (sorry, couldn’t help it), Dilly Dilly. The two share the 3:40pm slot at this Saturday’s Tower Of Song Fest. I’ve gotta say, this was a really fun shoot…

Photos by Bryan Bruchman, interviews by Will Ethridge.

What was the most unusual place […]

Tower Of Song Fest: Johnny Fountain & The Manes

One of the central players in the Tower Of Song scene, Johnny Fountain plays host to the events, including Saturday’s festival, using his apartment as the venue from which the music is amplified throughout the streets of Portland. Along with his band, The Manes, Fountain lands in the penultimate slot on the festival, playing at […]

Tower Of Song Fest: Jesse Pilgrim

In an effort to help spread the word about the Tower Of Song Festival happening this Saturday, May 23rd, this is an introduction to the artists who will be performing above the corner of Congress and High throughout the day. Photos by Bryan Bruchman, interviews by Will Ethridge.

The first performer of the festival will […]

Tod Seelie Photo Exhibit opening (Japanther!)