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Hessian / Wounded Giant / Mos Generator – Empire – 06/12/15

Maiden New England (Iron Maiden tribute) / Sunrunner / Hessian – Asylum – 04/24/15

Hessian / Heavy Necker / Eldemur Krimm – Empire Dine & Dance – 02/27/15

Hessian / Seax / Paige Turner

Jucifer Played Geno’s [7.22.11]

According to our photographer David Zwickerhill, the show was crazy. We believe it. The Athens, GA-based metal duo Jucifer are infamous for their massive wall of amps and obscene volume levels, and it looks like they held nothing back at this show on July 22 at Geno’s. Read on for photos of Jucifer and […]

Jucifer / Hessian

Apocryphonic [cd release] / Hessian / Cryptic Overcast

Hessian / Napalm Jun / All Moving Parts

Hessian / Fatality / Skull Hammer / WarAnimal

Lemmy Tribute: Hessian / Pigboat

Dementia Five / Hessian / Motherf@#kers Be Trippin\’

Hessian / Sun Gods In Exile

Whitcomb / Hessian / PigBoat

Eugene Robinson of Oxbow / AoK Suicide Forest / Hessian / Johnny Cremains

Over A Cardboard Sea / Hessian / Batshelter