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New Maine Music On Bandcamp

There’s a ton of music from Maine out there – here’s a selection of what we found recently over at Bandcamp that was uploaded in the last month or so (though the music may not actually be new, it’s all new to us). Dig in and enjoy – there’s a ton of variety here […]

Childe Bride / Jenny Graf / Berglind Agutsdottir / i\’d m thfft able

Id m Theft able / Taboo / Ancestrial diet

Id M Theft Able + more

id m theft able Is On Tour

Portland’s most notorious noisemonger (and revered record/oddity shop clerk), id m theft able, is hitting the road starting today in Brooklyn. Read on for full tour dates (subject to change, as these things do) and catch him as he meanders around the country (and Canada!) through all of November.


10.10.10 w/Crank Sturgeon + many more

Matt Weston / id m theft able

id m theft able / Computer At Sea

Jeff Platz\’s Nude Saviors with Birdorgan and id m theft able

Pak / Cotopaxi / George W. Myers / id m theft able

id m theft able + more

Brendan Murray / id m theft able / Nat Baldwin

Matthias Kaul / Mystic Out Bop Review / id m theft able

Frantasia Festival

id m theft able / Cave Bears