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Believers / Foam Castles / Computer at Sea – SPACE Gallery – 10/08/12

Computer At Sea / Glass Fingers / The Gloaming / Of The Trees

Computer At Sea Tonight, Plus Xylos Early

Hopefully you already know about the big Computer At Sea record (as in vinyl!) release show tonight at Geno’s. Hi Tiger and Power Lines will be on hand to help (CAS’s) Galen Richmond celebrate the release of Palace Of The Lightbulbs.

Looking to get your music fix for synthy pop started a bit early […]

Computer At Sea [record release] / Power Lines / Hi Tiger

Computer At Sea / The Gloaming / Shortsleeves

New Computer At Sea Album… Available Now!

Seemingly out of nowhere, Computer At Sea‘s Galen Richmond just wrote to let us know that his brand new album, Palace of the Lightbulbs, is now available online for name-your-own-price via Bandcamp. It’s great to finally hear these songs that have been live staples for so long in finished, recorded form. The vinyl edition […]

Dan Deacon / Ed Schrader\’s Music Beat / Computer At Sea / Glass Fingers / DJ Ponyfarm

Powerlines / Computer at Sea / Id m theftable

Computer at Sea / Good Kids Sprouting Horns

Lovewhip / Computer At Sea / El Grande

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone / Good Kids Sprouting Horns / Computer At Sea / Magical Beautiful

Circuitbreaker Volume 1: Crunk Witch / BRZOWSKI / Vik44+Metris / Computer At Sea / Delusional Records / Candy Man

id m theft able / Computer At Sea

Winter Solstice Love-In: Planets Around The Sun / Tempera / Prisma / Hersey State / Tin Ceilings / Computer At Sea / Crank Sturgeon

Thee Icepicks / Computer At Sea / Antiseptic The Scummymen / Big Meat Hammer