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Tower Of Song Fest: Lady Lamb The Beekeeper

If you’ve been paying any amount of attention to the Portland music scene (or, in particular, this site) for the past 6 months or so, then you’ve probably become fairly well-acquainted with the quirky experimental pop duo of Lady Lamb The Beekeeper. They first caught my attention back in November and have only gotten better, more interesting, and way more popular in the time since. One of the cornerstones of the Tower Of Song (including the Festival), they hold down the all-important lead-in to the final set of performances at tomorrow’s Festival, playing at 5pm.

Aly Spaltro of Lady Lamb The Beekeeper

What was the most unusual place you’ve ever played music in?
High school algebra class.

What is the most mysterious album you own?
A burned CD of some homemade hip-hop that I found on the ground in front of a gas station in Connecticut.

Have you ever written a song inspired by a dream? What was the song about?
I wrote a song called Almond Colored Sheets inspired by a dream in which I was putting beige sheets on a bed the size of the room my friend Stef and I were in when she looked up at me and said “you know…almond colored sheets are best for dreaming.”

I had wanted to get a separate photo of the other half of the band, TJ Metcalfe, as well, but unfortunately it just didn’t work out. Here are his answers to our questions though!

Describe your favorite sound not made by a musical instrument.
Whether you call me a meathead or just All- American, I love the sound of a wooden bat connecting with a baseball. *CRACK* love it. Also, I love the sound a cat makes when it gets excited. (Not a ‘meow’ or a hiss. It sounds like a cat getting a chill up its spine while purring)

What do you think happens when you get too far from your house?
When I get far away from my house (I haven’t figured out what TOO far means) my stomach moves a lot (whether it sinks out of fright or uncertainty or rises up into my throat out of sheer nervous excitement) . My eyes work overtime, attempting to soak up/in anything different than what my normal surroundings can offer. Also, I start to think that since life is one big game of chance at times, that I could meet my next new close friend / girlfriend / enemy / business partner /muse/ etc. around the next corner of wherever I’m going. Whether for the good or bad, being far away from home is exciting.

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