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Kayo Dot / Huak / AWAAS – Dirigimus – 07/21/12

Huak / the Waldos / Vanishing Act

Paige Turner / Cuss / USA Waste / Huak / Heavy Breathing

Mouth Washington / Huak / Paige Turner / The Sniffles / Heavy Breathing

Mild August Night, Underground On A Boat, aka Party Barge! [8.7.11]

Maybe it didn’t turn out to be such a Hot August Night (the slightly wet weather and wind kept the live music inside on the lower deck of the boat) but we still had a great party on the Casablanca Sunday Night. Thank you so much to Peapod Recordings, SPACE Gallery, if and it, […]

Grass Is Green / Huak

Huak / In the Audience / The Ghost is Alive and Well (CT)

HillyTown Presented at SPACE [5.10.11]

On Tuesday night, we welcomed the return of Brooklyn metal band Goes Cube back to Portland with a HillyTown Presents show at SPACE Gallery. Local party metal thrashers Waranimal and Peapod punks Huak rounded out the night of loud music.

Waranimal are playing a show tonight at Geno’s, and Huak have a […]

New Huak Maxi-Single “Ex Ghost”

What a way to put out a new single: Portland’s post-punk prodigees, Huak, just released a brand new song, “Ex Ghost,” but aren’t content to leave it at just one track with a b-side or two. Instead, they threw in 8 different remixes of the track by local artists, all peppered with more new (improvised) […]

HillyTown Presents: Goes Cube + Waranimal + Huak

Heavy Cream / Huak / the Waldos

Huak / The Heebie-Jeebies / The Dirty Rogers

Poland Street Loves You w/ Huak, Butcher Boy and more

Red Medicine / Huak

Marnie Stern / Dead Man\\\’s Clothes / Huak