Great Western Plain / Endless Jags / Video Nasties / SS Cretins – SPACE Gallery – 02/13/15

Endless Jags on BTR Live Studio

Lately it seems like we’ve got another Maine-related video from BTRtv to post every day! The fun will just keep going with more coming soon, too!

Here’s Endless Jags being interviewed by the dude who runs this site. Enjoy!

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Endless Jags / Athabasca / No Sir, I Won\’t / Neon Piss – [venue info in event description] – 11/12/12

Endless Jags interview

Interview by Kevin Steeves.

“It’s just a fuckin’ star-spangled tried and true regular rock’n’roll band which happens to have six people from the local scene in it. If that’s the criteria for a supergroup, most bands in this town would probably qualify. We wish we were the Traveling Wilburys, that would rule.”

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The Rattlesnakes / Endless Jags / Zebras and Bulls