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Herbcraft / Good Willsmith / Eatheater / luda – Mathews – 07/19/15

Man Forever / Guardian Alien / Herbcraft – SPACE Gallery – 11/20/12

Herbcraft / Zebu / Heavy Breathing

The Oak and the Ax 1 Year Anniversary: MMOSS / Herbcraft / Plains

Barn Owl (Thrill Jockey Records) / Herbcraft

HERBCRAFT / Aswara / Chris DiRocco

Herbcraft Among Sic Alps, Animal Hospital, and more on Japan Relief Album

Coming out in May as a dual-cassette, Electric Temple Presents: Gaman – A Ceremony for Japan, is 24 tracks of ambiance, noise, psych, lo-fi bedroom garage pop, and everything in between, with proceeds going to Shelterbox, who are working to provide emergency shelter and essential supplies to families impacted by disasters. Portland’s own Herbcraft […]

Manners / Tracy Trance / Taterbug / Herbcraft

Woods and Ducktails Were Here

Last night (February 3, 2011) somebody said this show was “highly blogable.” Well, here’s the blog post about it, so I guess they were right.

Woods and Ducktails (Real Estate’s Matt Mondanile solo/backed by whoever he’s touring with) have both been through Portland in the past year, and this time they hit town […]

SPACE Gallery Presents: Woods / Ducktails / Herbcraft / Milkman\\\’s Union

Herbcraft / Drap Pony / EMSO

Woods / MV&EE / Herbcraft

Ducktails + Big Troubles + HERBCRAFT Photos

Usually, by the time a band has gotten to the level of notoriety (err, blog-buzz?) that Ducktails has (in the past week), the days of seeing them play in the basements, diy spaces, and at weird parties that their story undoubtedly tells tales of are long gone, and the experience you get as an […]

Herbcraft / Big Troubles / Ducktails

Pete Fosco / MV & EE / Herbcraft / Uke of Spaces Corners