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House of Wolves / Other Colors / The Orchards – The Art Department – 07/29/15

LIVE AND LOCAL PRESENTS: Methuin Muir / Aleric Nez / The Orchards – One Longfellow Square – 03/17/15

South China / Colby Nathan / The Orchards – Local Sprouts Cafe – 02/22/15

This Weekend In Videos

You’ve got some fine choices for live music in Portland between now and Monday…

TONIGHT: Sinkane / Cookies / Mosart212 @ SPACE

TONIGHT: Tall Horse / People Skills / Gin Lab @ Empire

TONIGHT: Aesop Rock / Rob Sonic Portland, ME @ Port City Music Hall

SATURDAY: DOUGFEST 2015: The Ghosts of […]

Tin Ceilings / The Orchards / Thithy Bwown / June Madrona

Takin Root: Over A Cardboard Sea / the Orchards / Excuse Me Sircus / Lady Zen / Hanifa Washington

The Orchards / Cursillistas / Ian Cups / Emily Dix Thomas / Freddy Bear

The Cups / The Orchards / Alexis Pastuhov

The Orchards / Aren Sprinkle / Ian Cups

Manners / South China / Seymour / Ian Ferrel / the Orchards

The Orchards / Seymour / Selbyville