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When Particles Collide (EP release) / Mad Anthony / Theodore Treehouse / Volcano Rabbit – Asylum – 05/30/15

When Particles Collide – “Ego” official video

Our favorite rock ‘n roll duo from Bangor, When Particles Collide, returns to the stage and the screen (they seem to have a thing for choreographed dance moves) with this brand new video for their track, “Ego.” Watch it now:

Forget, Forget / When Particles Collide / Animal Talk – Empire Dine & Dance – 11/24/12

A Severe Joy / Worried Well / When Particles Collide – Flask Lounge – 07/12/12

When Particles Collide / Naked on Rollerskates / Temperature of the Sun

A Robot/WPC Presents: Pretty and Nice / A Severe Joy / When Particles Collide / Yes We Kin

When Particles Collide / Sea Level / Aloud

Theodore Treehouse / Class Machine / When Particles Collide

WPC Presents: The Milkman\’s Union / Class Machine / Tree Streets / Great Western Plain