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Brenda / Corpse Pose / Metal Feathers / Milkman\’s Union

Id m Theft able / Taboo / Ancestrial diet

Strange Maine Presents: Solace Media Corporation Tourists

Strange Maine Presents: Pak / Noise Nomads / Crank Sturgeon / …Kent

Jessie Rifkin / The Loom / Tiger Saw

Manners / Tracy Trance / Taterbug / Herbcraft

Big Meat Hammer / Lynn Rebels

Fun-A-Day: w/ The Gloaming / Roomful of Guns

Brass Cankles Videos On HillyTown

Our friend Mike Cunnane (a member of Huak, the Rattlesnakes, and Sunset Hearts) has been shooting video of local bands at shows and posting them on his new site, Brass Cankles. As you may have noticed, these videos can also be found here on HillyTown, if you scroll down past the showlist on the right […]

Screaming Females Returned, Resurrected Haru Bangs [2.9.11]

Screaming Females win the award for national act that could be mistaken for a Portland local band, judging by the reaction of fans at their shows. Every time they come around it’s as if there’s a sigh of relief from the punk and indie rock-loving fans who hold their breath between visits. At their gigs, […]

Screamales Are Back

Screaming Females at Death By Audio (Brooklyn, NY) January ’08

I would say I can’t believe that Screaming Females just made their late night network tv debut (on Carson Daly), but I can believe it. I’m so glad that they just happen to love the city I left the NY/NJ area for and […]

Woods and Ducktails Were Here

Last night (February 3, 2011) somebody said this show was “highly blogable.” Well, here’s the blog post about it, so I guess they were right.

Woods and Ducktails (Real Estate’s Matt Mondanile solo/backed by whoever he’s touring with) have both been through Portland in the past year, and this time they hit town […]

SPACE Gallery Presents: Woods / Ducktails / Herbcraft / Milkman\\\’s Union

Sore Eros / Mindwheel / Doomstar! / Endless Caverns

DJ Ponyfarm\\\’s Winter Dance Party